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Denver Family Photographer | What to expect during your session

I get hired quite a bit as a Denver family photographer to capture great moments for families.  Many families come to me year after year for their Christmas card photos and to update family pictures hanging in the home, but most importantly they come to me because they trust me to capture their family’s personality and the unique relationships between it’s members.  One of the best parts of my job is growing with my families and seeing them change over the years.

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For clients who have never worked with me before I wanted to provide a little information on what to expect from a family session with me.  I always approach a family session aiming to showcase the love and fun between members of the family.  To me, the most perfect photos are usually the ones when nobody is looking at the camera, but rather the family simply being themselves. The photos that capture the laughter and joy a family feels together are what I love most.  They are my favorites because the personalities of each family member come shining through, highlighting the relationships between each member of the family.  It’s these images that are the main focus of mine during a session, and therefore the bulk of any gallery that I send to a client.  I will, however, take at least a few images of the entire family looking and smiling at the camera, as these tend to be a favorite of grandparents and are always good to have!

denver family photographer

During a session I always aim to capture the “perfect” photo, but I know going into a session that anything can happen.   Each family session is different because children can surprise us!  From teething babies to missed naps, sometimes a family session just doesn’t go as planned.  While I can’t predict what will happen, I can promise you I’ll show up with a smile on my face and all the tricks in my bag to get your kiddos, and you, to laugh and smile.  More than anything, I want my clients to know and understand that I’ll do my best to capture the moments as they come and present images that will be loved and cherished.  But at the end of the day, kids will be kids and phases of life happen.  If your child shows up grumpy, I of course know it’s not in your plan.  However, there are times kids have an agenda all their own and that frowny face is stuck.  But I’ll give it all I’ve got!

denver family photographer

For me it’s not about the “perfect” photo, perfect smile, or a list of photographic requirements that matters in my client’s images.  It’s about capturing families as they are, right now, at this time in life.  Capturing your family in a real, loving way, is so much more important than a cliche posed portrait.  So many of us are guilty of aiming for perfection, myself included (trust me I’d LOVE to remove myself from Pinterest, but where would I find all my recipes??!?).  Many of my favorite images don’t just happen.  But with a mixture of Photoshop magic, and lots of experience, a great image is made.  If we step back and look at the bigger picture it’s about that little giggle from your three year old that was documented and frozen in time for you to enjoy forever and ever.  It’s about that grumpy face your toddler made during the session that is “so him” when he gets mad.  It’s about that huge toothy grin on your teenagers face because their laugh was real and genuine for the first time in six months.  It’s about making memories and existing in pictures with your children.  It’s about being perfectly imperfect and enjoying every moment of it.  And ALL OF THIS is what I LOVE about photographing families!

denver family photographer

I LOVE my families and I would LOVE to grow with yours.  Below I’ve included a selection of images from few family sessions.  Hopefully this helps you understand how I work, and hopefully from the images you can see how much fun a family session with me really is!

I would love to be your Family Photographer! If you live in the Metro Denver area, Thornton, Westminster, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Parker, or surrounding areas, and would like a family photography session,  please CONTACT ME, or you can visit my facebook page.

Read What Families Have To Say About Briony Hope Photography Family Sessions


We are so glad that we chose Briony Hope Photography to document our last year! We hired Briony to do our maternity, newborn and first year photos. Briony is such a talented photographer. She knows how to pose her subjects in a way that is most flattering to them. I don’t usually like having myself photographed, but I love the way I look in photos taken by Briony! It was especially wonderful to feel so beautiful in my 36th week of pregnancy. The photos we have of our daughter from newborn, to 3 months, to 6 months, to 9 months, to her first birthday are an absolute treasure. The quality of Briony’s product is top notch. Briony knows her craft, knows how to make adults and children shine, and she is incredibly kind and patient with her clients. Briony has a true gift of capturing genuine moments that resonate to her clients. I highly recommend Briony Hope Photography to anyone who is looking for incredible photos to last a lifetime.

Briony is such a joy to work with! She’s captured some of our most special moments in life! The birth of our son tops the list and she nailed it with what I had envisioned. She’ll be doing our families photos for years to come!


Briony has been our family photographer for years and I couldn’t love her more. She makes us feel comfortable and confident and captures the quirks of my family in the most perfect way. Her work is displayed all over my house!!

denver family photographer

Briony is amazing! She was soooo good with my 2-year-old and got the best smiles out of her. Great experience, great photos. Will use her again and again.

Briony has photographed our family for the past three years. She continues to capture our growing family in such creative, beautiful ways that allow our personalities and family dynamic to shine through. We adore her and she always manages to get a grin out of our girls. Briony is the best!

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