Mentorship And Workshops

Maternity Photography Mentoring and Workshops

Briony has spent countless hours perfecting her maternity posing to make her clients look and feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.  Join her for a one day workshop, or personal mentoring, that will change the way you look at maternity photography and take your maternity work to a new level.

Briony will teach posing techniques and angles to achieve the most flattering images.  She will cover her signature flow posing to get the most out of every session, individual, couples, and family posing both in the studio and outdoors.  In addition Briony will demonstrate different lighting techniques to create stunning and unique images.

Each student will receive Briony’s Beautiful Bellies Maternity Posing guide and her Dreamy Baby action set, which she uses on all of her images.  Students will also receive an incredible goody bag full of wonderful maternity photography products.

Why Book A Workshop?

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“Photography workshops/mentoring are a funny thing.  “Will it be worth it?” is the question I have to ask myself before making these investments.  We scheduled a 2:1 mentoring with the hopes of an intensive learning experience.  Briony did not disappoint.  In fact, she exceeded my expectations.

In addition to the excellent instruction, Briony was incredible with pre-mentoring communication and she has remained extremely accessible since then.  Thanks to her, I am excited for the direction I envision my business taking in the future.

I left our time together not only with a head full of new knowledge, but also the feeling that she was truly invested in our success.  So many instructors out there “collect” students as a measure of their own success, but the best teachers are the ones who empower their students to do more, achieve more, be more.  Briony ranks among the best-of-the-best, in my opinion…and she’s as kind and funny as she is talented!” Neda Burtman –


“I went into this workshop knowing that my maternity photography was needing an overhaul.   Having attended other workshops in the past, both worthwhile and not, I was optimistic but guarded.   Briony far exceeded all expectations.  She has maternity posing down to a science and has an amazing fluidity to her teaching methods.  She knows exactly what flatters the female form and how to achieve amazing silhouettes.  I feel like a light bulb went off midway through the workshop and everything just clicked!  I will forever be grateful for how she has influenced my future work.  ” Melanie Resch –


“What a difference one day can make!!! I had heard plenty about workshops in groups and on forums. “Waste of money.” “Didn’t learn anything.” “Got in line and took photos.” Over and over, I heard negativity and all the regrets other photographers had about making the plunge and attending one. With that in mind, I was totally nervous to attend Briony’s workshop! I was unhappy with my maternity work, and thought I just had to take a chance and check it out.

From the goody bags, to the lovely lunch and hands on work, the day was truly wonderful. Briony was so generous with her knowledge and patient- I couldn’t imagine a better day of maternity photography and posing learning. Not only did we not stand in a line and take the photos Briony set up, but we actually repeated the hands on posing and coaching that Briony did with each client (Yeah! We actually created our own images!). By the time we wrapped up, I was totally exhausted, overfilled with information and absolutely more passionate about my maternity work than ever! I feel like now I can give my clients the images they deserve to preserve their legacy and my calendar is more full than ever before” Hannah Wehrheim-

“I attended a Beautiful Bellies workshop with Briony  in September in Indianapolis. Briony set me immediately at ease! She was very personable and made me feel at home. The laid back teaching style and was just what I was looking for. She took her time and didn’t rush through anything that I felt was important, even the smallest questions. Briony’s attention to detail in her posing techniques and her ability to make moms feel at ease was beautiful was inspiring. Her posing guide is easy to follow and her actions are to die for. Not only during the workshop was Briony a wealth of knowledge and an open book answering all the questions I could think of, she has been an amazing support after the workshop. From pats on the back to way to goes. She always has helpful answers to tricky questions about anything from business to editing.  I 100% recommend this workshop.  I could see huge changes in my work from my first post workshop maternity session on. I am very thankful for Briony’s help in finding my true love in photographing expecting moms and making then look and feel beautiful. Rebecca –”


I’m always looking for workshop hosts!  If you are interested in being a host, attending a workshop, or continuing your photography education with a 1:1 mentoring session PLEASE contact me!